This Is The Best Pet Urn Necklace for Pet's Ashes

Pet Urn Necklace Review

Cremation jewelry for pets ashes are a popular way to keep a small reminder of their ashes close to your heart forever.  Pet memorial jewelry, are much like the regular jewelry you may wear already.  However, these special urn pendants are capable of discreetly holding up to 3 cubic inches of your pet's cremation ashes.  In this post, we review our best-selling pet urn necklace options for:
  • dogs,
  • cats, &
  • other animals!
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Best Pet Urn Necklace for Your Dog's Ashes

Below are our best pet ashes urn necklaces for man's best friend!

Sleeping Dog Cremation Necklace

This small round pendant features a cute sleeping dog.

Dog Bone Cremation Necklace

A staff favorite, this urn pendant features shiny rhinestones and a luxurious gold trim.

Bone Heart Paw Dog Cremation Necklace

I love my dog.

Dog and Angel Cremation Necklace

Our best selling dog urn necklace, this small pendant is a great layering piece.

Best Pet Urn Necklace for Your Cat's Ashes

If you have already received your cat's ashes back from the crematory, then below are some beautiful cat urn jewelry options that you may want to explore!

Cute Cat Cremation Necklace

This cat face shaped pendant is a popular way to hold your feline's ashes.

Pink Crystal Cat Cremation Necklace

A staff favorite and bestseller, this urn pendant features the outline of an entire cat covered in stunning rhinestones.

Sleeping Angel Cat Cremation Necklace

May your cat rest peacefully with this urn pendant!

Best Pet Urn Necklace for Any Pet

Maybe you have both cat's and dogs, or maybe you have some other pet pig, horse, or lizard.  If so, we have options for all animals!

LOVE Pet Cremation Necklace

A staff favorite and a best seller, this pet cremation keepsake is modeled after the LOVE statue in New York.

Gold Vermeil Paw Print Cremation Jewelry

A small paw print as a reminder of your beloved pet.

Swirling Heart Pet Urn Necklace

This paw print is at the center of this beautiful heart.

Paw Star Pet Cremation Necklace

We placed this paw print at the center of this special star!

Sweet Angel Rabbit Urn Necklace

Ideal for the ashes of your sweet lovable rabbit!

Gold Paw Print Heart Cremation Necklace

This heart-shaped pendant features an engraved paw print at the center.

Double Paw Prints Pet Cremation Necklace

Another staff favorite, this urn pendant has double paw prints for your pet's ashes.

Paw Print Fish Hook Urn Necklace

The ever so popular fish hook urn necklace with a twist.

Horseshoe Cremation Necklace

One of our more popular cremation necklaces for horses.

Crystal Lizard Urn Necklace

If you decide to cremate your lizard then is pendant is ideal for them!

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Resources and Helpful Links
Here are some helpful links if you are having trouble with handling your pet's burial and cremation process:

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