Finding The Perfect Pet Ashes Urn Necklace

Review of Our 15 Best Selling Pet Ashes Urn Necklace Options

A pet ashes urn necklace is the perfect way to hold way to stylishly wear a reminder of your beloved pet.

The pet urn jewelry on this list are made from never tarnishing stainless steel, if you take proper care of it, it will last forever.  Each urn pendant holds 2 cubic inches of ashes.  Our secure enclosure ensures that the ashes remain on the inside of your pendant!

Check out our options below!  Simply click the titles to learn more about each product!

15. Gold Vermeil Paw Print Cremation Jewelry

Our gold vermeil paw print necklace is a beautiful urn pendant.  It is perfect to hold 2 cubic inches of your pet's ashes.

14. Gold Paw Print Heart Cremation Necklace

This small pet urn pendant comes in the shape of a heart with a raised paw print.  This urn pendant holds 3 cubic inches of your pet's cremation ashes.

13. Sweet Angel Rabbit Urn Necklace

Our sweet rabbit cremation pendant is one of our most popular pendants for families.  Feel free to hold 2 cubic inches your pet rabbit's ashes inside!

12. Dog and Angel Cremation Necklace

This pet ashes urn necklace is ideal for your beloved dog.  It features a small angel holding an even smaller angel.

11. LOVE Pet Cremation Necklace

Modeled after the LOVE sculpture in Manhattan, this pet urn pendant features a paw print and holds 2 cubic inches of ashes.

10. Sleeping Angel Cat Cremation Necklace

If you are looking for a cute urn pendant for your cat's cremation ashes, then look no further than our sleeping angel cat pendant.

9. Sleeping Dog Cremation Necklace

Sweet sleeping dog cremation pendant features a round urn pendant with the image of a dog.

8. Dog Bone Cremation Necklace

Built in the shape of a done bone, this pet ashes urn necklace is perfect for your dog's cremation ashes.  The rhinestones and gold trim really make this pendant stand out!

7. Swirling Heart Pet Urn Necklace

If your pet was always at the center of your heart, then this urn pendant is ideal to hold their cremation ashes.  This pendant features a heart with shiny rhinestones and a paw print.

6. Paw Star Pet Cremation Necklace

Most people look at their pet's as superstars in their home, if this is you, then our paw star pet urn pendant is for you.

5. Bone Heart Paw Dog Cremation Necklace

If you love your pet dog, then this urn pendant is perfect for it!  It features a bone as the I and a paw print.

4. Double Paw Prints Pet Cremation Necklace

This small urn pendant is perfect to hold 3 cubic inches of ashes inside.

3. Cute Cat Cremation Necklace

This urn pendant features a cat head shaped pendant and comes in multiple color choices.

2. Pink Crystal Cat Cremation Necklace

A best seller among our pet ashes urn necklace, this shiny cat features pink crystals.

1. Paw Print Fish Hook Urn Necklace

Fish hook urn pendants are one of the most popular pendants available, we added a paw print for you to memorialize your pet.

Shopping for Pet Ashes Urn Necklace at Funeral Direct

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