An American Classic- The Harley Davidson Urn Necklace.


Which Harley Davidson Urn Necklace Reminds You of Your Loved One?

There is not a motorcycle brand that is more iconic than a Harley Davidson.  These loud bikes are beloved due to their history and design.  If your loved use to spend their afternoons on their bike, then it is fitting to place some of their ashes inside an urn necklace that represents them.   Here are the best replica Harley Davidson urn necklace options on our site!

Eagle and Motorcycle Cremation Necklace

An eagle and a motorcycle, what is more, American than that?  This cremation urn necklace is modeled after American grit.  It features a replica Harley Davidson motorcycle inside an eagle. This pendant comes in both gold and silver.  It holds a dime size amount of cremation ashes.

Sports Motorcycle Cremation Necklace

Not all Harley's are for cruising, in fact, they have a line of bikes that are made for performance.  This urn pendant features a bike that is built for speed. Take your pick in color:
  • silver
  • black
  • gold
  • rose gold
This pendant will hold about 2 cubic inches of ashes.

Touring Motorcycle Cremation Necklace

Our touring bike urn necklace takes clear inspiration from a traditional Harley.  It can be seen in the handles and tailpipe. If you are looking for the perfect Harley Davidson urn necklace, you will not want to look past this one!

Funeral Direct- We Make Memories Matter

The memories of your loved one are something that no one can ever take away from you.  However, you may want to have a little reminder of them around you.  At Funeral Direct we have the largest collection of unique cremation jewelry and urns for ashes online. For those that are looking to something as unique as a Harley Davidson urn necklace or perhaps something more special, make sure to visit our collection of cremation jewelry!


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