Candles and Chocolates: These Funeral Sympathy Gift Baskets Will Comfort Those In Mourning


The Best Funeral Sympathy Gift Baskets That You Can Give To Someone In Mourning

When you want to something that lasts longer than flowers, then funeral sympathy gift baskets are the best way to show someone sympathy.  These baskets consist of comfort foods or items to help people relax during this tough time.  In this post, we highlight the best sympathy gift baskets including:

  • sympathy gift baskets with wine
  • with fruits and chocolate
  • moreover, even spa sympathy baskets for those who want to need some relaxation.

The Benefits of Buying a Funeral Sympathy Gift Basket

Many people do not know what to buy someone experiencing a loss.  Others want to know do you give at a funeral other than flowers.  If you are uncomfortable purchasing a cremation urn, funeral jewelry, or even pitching in on a casket, you always provide food.

While funeral cakes are becoming more popular recently, if you want to want to send food, you can always send a gift basket.

The sympathy gift baskets below all range from $49.99 to $149.99 and will make for the perfect gift to give to someone experiencing a loss.

Funeral Sympathy Gift Baskets with Fruits

In this section, you will see a list of gift baskets that contain fresh fruit, dried fruit, and nuts.

Click on the pictures to learn more and purchase!

*Before you buy, please make sure that the recipients are not allergic to any of the contents.


1. Sympathy Fruit Basket with Cheese and Nuts

2. Nut Dried Fruit Gift Basket

3. Deluxe Gift Basket, Sympathy

4. Fruit Pacific Coast Deluxe Dried Fruit Tray with Nuts Gift

5. Fresh Fruit and Godiva Chocolates Gift Basket

Funeral Sympathy Gift Baskets with Cheese, Chocolate, and Crackers 

While fruits taste great, who does not love chocolate?  These funeral gift baskets all have assortments of chocolates, cheese, and crackers that will definitely comfort someone in mourning!

Click on the pictures to learn more and purchase!

1. Wings of Comfort A Sympathy Gift for the Grieving

2. Healing & Hope Sympathy Gift Basket

3. Heartfelt Thoughts Sympathy

4. Peace and Prayer Sympathy

5. Thoughts & Prayers Sympathy Gift Basket

6. Sending Our Prayers Sympathy Gift Basket

7. Sympathy Gift With Our Sincere Condolences Gourmet Gift Basket

8. Sorry for Your Loss | Sympathy Gift Basket

9. Thoughtful Wishes Gourmet Food Gift Basket

10. Our Sincerest Condolences Gift Basket

11. Italian Sympathy Gift Basket

12. Broadway Basketeers Chocolates & Sweets

Relaxing Funeral Sympathy Gift Baskets with Spa Materials

Now This section is a bit different.  Everyone should be given the opportunity to relax.  So who would need it more than someone going through the stresses of funeral planning?  These spa funeral gift baskets are perfect for those who are bereaved.

Click on the pictures to learn more and purchase!

1. Spa Gift Basket and Bath Set with Refreshing Coconut Fragrance

2. Lavender Gift Set

3. Bath and Body Gift Set

4. Relax with the Lavender Sky Gift Basket

5. Jasmine Renewal Spa Relaxing Bath and Body Gift Basket Set

6. Exquisite Lavender Spa Gift Basket for Her

7. Spa Gift Basket

8. Bath Bombs Gift Set 12


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