Which Dog Is Real? Pet Clone Stuffed Animal That Look Amazingly Lifelike!

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The Perfect Replica Pet Clone Stuffed Animal

Stuffed animals serve multiple purposes.  They are great to comfort young children, look great as decorations in your car or home and can help as a bond to something particularly important in your life.  Most of the stuffed animals that you purchase will be generic design, that is mass produced and not unique.  However, there is a company that makes realistic replica pet clone stuffed animal that looks exactly like your pet.

Cuddle Stuffed Animal Pet Clones

Cuddle Clones takes making stuffed animals further, by making them realistic.  They understand that as a pet mom or dad you have an unbreakable bond to your animal.  However, due to life events such as traveling, or the loss of a pet that relationship can be broken. If you are looking for the perfect pet memorial item or even a gift for kids traveling, then Cuddle Clones 100% plush pet replicas are the ideal way to show off your pet.  With their process, they can replicate not only the physical details but also the personality of your pet!

Cuddle Clone Quality Guarantee

While other manufacturers create custom plush stuffed animals, cuddle clones is the only one to offer a full refund. Below are some examples of satisfied customers pet clone stuffed animals.

Pet Clone Stuffed Animal

How To Order Your Pet Clone Stuffed Animal: 3 Step Process

The process for ordering your own custom pet stuffed animal is simple.  Visit
Step one:
Visit CuddleClones.com and upload pictures of your pet's face, sides, stomach, tail
Step Two
Enter in all our your pet's characteristics.  Unique color paw pads? Underbite? Three legs? Let them know all about how unique your pet is.
Pick your pet's position.  Do you want them sitting?  What about lying down with only one ear up.  Here is where you can get creative!
Besides the plush replica stuffed animals, Cuddle Clones has many other products that memorialize your pet.

Make sure you use our coupon code "FUNERALDIRECTPET" when order to receive 10% off your order!

Pet Remembrance Items

In addition to ordering your realistic pet clone stuffed animal, also browse our collection of pet remembrance gifts.

Here at FuneralDirect.shop, you will find dozens of products (jewelry and urns) that look great and make for the perfect remembrance gift for a deceased pet.

There free shipping on every order!  Take a look below to see some of our favorite options!

Moreover, don't forget  Visit Cuddle Clones to order your unique pet clone stuffed animal!


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    Thank you for sharing the site info. Before knowing this site, I was buying pet care product from PetCareRx. Now I will try this one too.

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