Cremation Ashes Will KILL Your Plants, Unless You Follow These Steps!

The Benefits of a Human Ashes Tree

Conducting a human ashes tree burial is the best thing you can do with your loved one or pet's remains.  Everyone ones know that traditional burials are unfriendly to the environment.  But do you know how unfriendly it is?  Well for starters, the fluid used to embalm a dead body is some pretty deadly stuff (no pun intended).  Embalming fluids contain a chemical called formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen (causes cancer).   Each year 4.8 million gallons of this cancer-causing fluid is buried in our soil.

But how does that affect you? I mean it's buried in cemeteries where people are already dead.  The truth is that does affect you and the environment.   As the body biodegrades over time these chemicals get into the soil, which can seep into water supplies which we all use to drink, water laws and foods, and shower.  Aside from the chemicals


Those are some of the environmental implications of a traditional burial, but added to that is the price.  The average conventional funeral service costs $7,000 to $10,000.  And just like everything we pay for in life, it has and will increase due to inflation.

This is why most people are choosing cremation.  With a more affordable price and less impact on the planet we live it is the better option for handling remains.

For those choosing cremation, there are ways to use human ashes to grow a beautiful tree.

Are Human Ashes Toxic to Plants?

By themselves, human ashes are harmful when placed in or around plants.

To foster plant life, the cremation ashes pH level has to be lowered, and the sodium must be diluted.

How to Neutralize Cremation Ashes?

To neutralize cremation ashes so that plant life can grow and additional agent needs to be added.  This lowers the pH level and dilutes the sodium in cremation ashes while providing nutrients to the plant.

Here are three companies doing just that.  Neutralizing cremation ashes and providing biodegradable urns to grow a  human ashes tree.

Bios Urn Incube

Bios is a Spanish company whose goal is to "convert cemeteries into forests."  Recently they decided to take that to another level an introduce a product called "the Bios Incube."

What is the Bios Incube? Well, it is a gadget that allows you to grow a tree right in your home.

The Bios Incube is a smart device with tracking features for:

  1. your plant's temperature
  2. electrical conductivity
  3. solar irradiance
  4. and soil humidity

Using these four forms of data, it will automatically water your human ashes tree.

The Bios Incube can water the cremation tree for up to 20 days before needing to be refilled, and the best part is that it seamlessly connects to your smartphone or table through their app.

Bios Urn Cost

The Bios Incube starts at $450

The regular bios urn is $147

Bios Incube In Action


The Living Urn

Based in Colorado, the Living Urn is a simple take on human ashes tree that started from something we all will experience, the loss of a loved one.

The Living urn features a biodegradable urn within a handmade bamboo container.  Along with it, you will receive:

  1. seedling
  2. wood chips
  3. a proprietary soil mix
  4. and an ash neutralizing agent (this helps human ashes grow trees in a balanced environment).

Where To Plant a Living Urn?

With over 15 tree seedlings, the trees offered to you are determined by your location.

They use seedlings instead of seeds because it is easier to grow a sustainable and thriving tree from seedlings.

You can plant your Living Urn in your yard or a cremation tree cemetery.

The Living Urn Cost

The Living Urn is $119, plus $30 for your choice of tree seedling.

EterniTrees Bio Cremation Urn

EterniTrees is based in Oregon.  They use a growing medium that helps to make human ashes more suitable for growing plants.

Their urn holds a cup of cremation ashes allowing you to:

  • plant more than one tree
  • scatter the ashes
  • or place them in ashes jewelry like the ones found on this site.

Similar to the Living Urn, they offer 15 tree types based on your location.

This company stands out because if your seed does not grow or is destroyed by an animal, they will send additional seeds and growing medium for free!

EterniTrees Cost

For humans: $119

For pets: $99

 human ashes tree


Shop Biodegradable Urn Trees

All of these biodegradable human ashes tree can be used for humans and for pets.

You can purchase the EterniTree on Amazon.

You will also find the Bios Urn on Amazon.

As for the Living Urn, it is available for order on our retail shop with free shipping!



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