How Much Does a Cremation Urn Cost? How To Find The Best Urn For Your Budget!


How Much Does a Cremation Urn Cost?

Cremation urns are a perfect way to memorialize the life of someone we care about.  When shopping for a cremation urn, most people consider the quality, customization, style, and cost of the urn.  Cremation urns are available in many different price ranges.  The cost of one depends on the size, design, and shape.  In this post we cover how much does a cremation urn cost, and what you should expect when shopping for one.     

Cremation Urn Sizes, Materials, and Their Prices

In our previous article, we discussed two questions you should ask yourself before you begin to search for a cremation urn.  But after you ask yourself those questions, your budget is the next factor that considers what type of urn you want to buy.

Wood or similar materials = $30-$200



Ceramic Cremation Urns = $100-$250


Artistic Cremation Urn Costs

Stylish urns, which are handcrafted are normally pretty expensive.    It is common for families to pay $500-$5,000 for a hand-sculpted cremation urn.  At you will find beautiful handmade urns from $200 all the way to $3,000.  

Keepsake Urn Cost

Keepsake cremation urns are best for people with a smaller budget.  Keepsake urns only store a small amount of cremation ashes.  People opt for keepsake urns if they distribute the ashes amongst friends and family.  

Keepsake urns can cost as little as $10 and reach $300.

Cremation Jewelry Prices

Cremation jewelry is an alternative to cremation urns.  Instead of storing the ashes in your home, you can wear them inside a discreet pendant.  At you will find a wide range of cremation jewelry starting at $24.99 for stainless steel and going up to $375 for 14k solid gold options.

How Much Does a Cremation Urn Cost at a Funeral Home?

Expect to pay an above average price if you plan on purchasing a cremation urn or jewelry at a funeral home, mortuary, or crematory.  These places mark up the prices of these items to cover their overhead.  Not only will you have more options if you shop online for cremation urns, but guaranteed you will find the same or similar urn at a lesser price.

Our Tips For Shopping For a Cremation Urn

If you are reading this post, you are looking to purchase a cremation urn.  While we offer a ton of cremation urns on this site, that we guarantee you will love, we recommend that you research and set a budget before you shop.  This way you can make a smart purchase without spending more than you need too. 



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