Understanding Cremation Caskets

What Is A Cremation Casket?

When a body is about to be cremated, it is placed in the cremation chamber inside a combustible container.  This container can be either a traditional casket or a cardboard box.  The only requirement is that does not have any metal parts.

What Casket Do You Use For a Funeral Service Before The Cremation?

If the cremation takes place after a funeral service, you can use any casket that you like.  Remember if the coffin contains any metal, you will not be able to use to during the cremation process.  You would be required to purchase an additional casket or rent one from the funeral provider.

*By law, you are not required to purchase a casket only from a funeral home.  The funeral rule, which all funeral homes are legally required to abide by, states that you may use a casket that you purchased from elsewhere.


Casket Cost

Caskets are one of the most expensive purchases during funerals.  When purchasing from a funeral home, they range from $1,500 to $13,000.  

If you choose to use casket provided by a funeral home, then make sure to ask to see their general casket price list.  While all funeral homes are required by law to provide you with an itemized price list, they sometimes also have a casket price list.  Ask for that to see all of the casket prices that they offer. 


Our Cremation Caskets

Our caskets are suitable for both burial and cremation use.  They are made out of biodegradable materials and more affordable than those found at a funeral home,


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