These Are The Best Urn Necklaces for Your Brother's Ashes

The Perfect Urn Necklace for Brother Cremation Ashes

If you are looking for the best urn necklace for brother cremation ashes, then look no further than the ones we have on this list. Each cremation necklace holds between .25-2 cubic inches of cremation ashes.  Which one do you like?

35. Boxing Cremation Necklace

Perfect if your brother was a boxer.

34. Final Frontier Cremation Urn Necklace

An urn necklace to memorialize someone who looked to the stars.

33. Soccer Cremation Necklace

Arguably the most popular sport in the world.

32. Football Cremation Necklace

For the ultimate football fan.

31. Gold Angel Wing Urn Necklace

An angel wing as an urn necklace for brother ashes.

30. Saxophone Urn Necklace

Perfect for a musician.

29. Sport Motorcycle Cremation Necklace

Known as a crotch rocket, this urn necklace is ideal for someone who lived carefree.

28. Silver and Gold Cremation Cross Necklace

A perfect blend.

27. Crystal Drape Cremation Cross Necklace

A twist on the cross cremation necklace.

26. UFO Cremation Necklace

For someone who is out of this world.

25. Crystal Lizard Urn Necklace

A unique pendant featuring crystals and lizards.

24. Capricorn Cremation Necklace

One of our zodiac cremation necklace options.

23. Timeless Hourglass Urn Necklace

Hourglass urn necklace for brother ashes

22. Iron Fist Cremation Necklace

Taking inspiration from the comics.

21. Calming Waves Cremation Cross Necklace

Waves and faith.

20. Two Tone Cremation Cross Necklace

Collab of colors that fits well together.

19. Hockey Stick Cremation Necklace

Ideal for the hockey fan.

18. Shining Star Cremation Necklace

Keep the memory of your brother bright in this necklace.

17. Cancer Crab Cremation Necklace

Another necklace in our zodiac urn pendant collection.

16. Mini Star Cremation Necklace

A mini star to hold a big star.

15. Baseball Cremation Necklace

In memory of your brother favorite sport and America's favorite pastime.

14. American Flag Dog Tag Stainless Steel Cremation Necklace

Classic dog tag necklace.

13. Musical Note Cremation Necklace

Another version of our popular music urn necklaces.

12. Trumpet Cremation Necklace

One of the most popular instruments.

11. Crystal Turtle Cremation Necklace

A unique twist.

10. Beach Volleyball Cremation Necklace

Fun in the sun.

09. Sea Turtle Cremation Necklace

Calming and graceful.

08. Music Note Cremation Necklace

Classic in design.

07. Pot Leaf Cremation Necklace

For the weed enthusiast.

06. Little Guardian Angel Cremation Necklace

A little memory of your brother looking after you.

05. 14K Gold Teardrop Cremation Pendant

Beautiful in design.

04. Hunting Knife Cremation Necklace

Person keepsake from times on the hunt.

03. Basketball Cremation Urn Necklace

For the biggest fan.

02. Palm Tree Cremation Necklace

Nothing is better than a warm day and laying underneath a palm tree.

01. Thor's Hammer Cremation Urn Necklace

Our most unique necklace.

Funeral Direct- We Make Memories Matter

If you are looking for the perfect urn necklace for brother cremation ashes, then you will find it here.  We offer the largest collection of unique cremation necklaces online. Did you see a necklace here that you like?  If not, discover all of the cremation necklaces that are perfect for you brother's ashes.

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