Our Best Selling Sea Turtle Cremation Necklace Options

The Best Turtle Cremation Necklace for Ashes

Sea turtles are peaceful animals that live in our oceans.  If you ever got the chance to see one below the surface, it would like they are flying as they are gracefully swimming around.  Sea turtles are a symbol of good luck, endurance, and long life.  They are often looked at as a guardian spirit.  This makes them the perfect for use as a pendant on a cremation necklace.  Below we review our 2 best selling turtle cremation necklace to hold your loved one's ashes.

Crystal Turtle Cremation Necklace

Our crystal sea turtle urn pendant features shiny rhinestones on the shell of the turtle pendant.  You can fit up to 2 cubic inches of ashes in this pendant.  This turtle cremation pendant comes in 3 finishing colors:
  1. silver
  2. gold
  3. rose gold
Available on Funeral Direct

Sea Turtle Cremation Necklace

This sea turtle cremation necklace looks for like the turtles you know and love.  You can see the head and flippers.  This pendant holds 2 cubic inches of ashes.  It comes in 5 different colors:
  1. silver
  2. silver/black
  3. gold
  4. rose gold
  5. black
Available on Funeral Direct

Sea Turtle Urns for Ashes

In addition to the turtle cremation necklaces above, we also have a selection of turtle urns for ashes.

Raku Turtle Urn

Handmade using traditional Japanese raku techniques, our turtle raku urn is a popular cremation urn.  It comes in three sizes:
  1. keepsake
  2. medium
  3. full-size
Available on Funeral Direct

Biodegradable Turtle Urn

Our biodegradable turtle urn mimics the way turtles swim in the ocean.  This urn is perfect for an ocean burial service.

Funeral Direct - We Make Memories Matter

Funeral Direct is the leading provider of funeral products worldwide.  We offer unique urns for ashes, cremation jewelry, caskets, and fingerprint jewelry. If you are looking for the best turtle cremation necklace for a loved one's ashes consider our best selling ones above.  We also suggest you take a look at the rest of our cremation necklace offers, we guarantee you'll find one that you like. Click Here To View all of our cremation necklaces 

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