Top 10 Pet Urn Keychains for Your Pet's Ashes!

The Pet Urn Keychain: 10 Unique and Memorable Options

The amount of families choosing cremation for their pets is at an all-time high.  Cremation offers many things that traditional burial does not.  Mainly the ability to keep the remains of your beloved pet.  Because of this, pet cremation jewelry has been at an all-time high.  Out of all the jewelry options, the pet urn keychain has become the most popular!

Using an urn keychain for your pet's ashes allows you to discreetly carry their memory with you.  These keychain urn pendants look just like any other keychain that you may already have, expect these pendants have space to hold a small amount of ashes.

Below you will find our 10 best-selling pet cremation keychains.  Each one of them is available on our retail store,

10 Best Selling Pet Urn Pendants for Keychains!

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Keep reading after this list to learn more about our urn pendants!

10. Paw Print Pet Keychain Urn Pendant

This pet urn pendant takes the shape of a paw print.  It is perfect for the memory of your dog or cat.

9. Best Friend Pet Keychain Urn Pendant

For many, their pet is their pet friend.  If you are one that can relate to that, then this pet urn keychain is perfect for you.

8. Loving Poem Pet Keychain Urn Pendant

This pet urn pendant features a sweet poem on it.  Along with the paw print, this perfect to keep with your keys!

7. Traveling Paw Prints Pet Keychain Urn Pendant

Pet's love roaming around places that they consider their own (even the lazy ones!).  This pet urn keychain is inspired by them!

6. Dog Bone Pet Urn Pendant

Definitely one of our favorites, our dog bone urn pendant features shiny crystals and a gold trim that pairs well with the silver.

5. Sleeping Dog Cremation Pendant

This might be our cutest pet urn pendant!  Remember looking at your dog while they sleep, they look so peaceful.

4. Sleeping Angel Cat Cremation Necklace

For all the cat lovers reading this, this angelic cat is the purrrfect place to hold their ashes.

3. LOVE Pet Cremation Pendant

In inspiration from the pop art LOVE sculpture by American artist Robert Indiana, our LOVE pet urn pendant is perfect to place on your keychain.  As you can see, we swapped the "O" for a paw print.

2. Dog and Angel Urn Pendant

This has to be our most unique pet urn pendant.  Angel gently holding a fur angel.

1. Pink Crystal Cat Cremation Pendant

Cats love to sit high on ledges with their tail gracefully swinging side to side.  That is exactly what this pendant is modeled after!

* Bonus* Swirling Heart Pet Urn Pendant

A beautiful pendant for your beautiful pet!

More Information About Our Pet Urn Keychain Pendants

Now that you know our best selling pet urn pendants, here's more information about them.
  • each pendant has a secure enclosure that ensures that your pet's ashes will remain inside
  • a funnel kit and keychain or necklace will be included with your purchase
  • the pendants about are made from never tarnishing surgical 316L stainless steel.  With proper care, they will last forever!
  • capacity- depends on the pendant.  Usually between 1-2 cubic inches of ashes
  • free shipping in the US!

Funeral Direct. We Make Memories Matter

At Funeral Direct, our goal is to make memories matter.  We are sure you have many beautiful memories with you and your beloved pet.

We offer a wide range of unique urn pendants that are perfect to use either as a necklace or as a keychain.

Want to see more of our options?  Visit us on our homepage!

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