Funeral Jewelry Pendants for Cremation Remains Review | Over 60 Choices!

Jewelry Pendants for Cremation Remains

There are multiple things that you can do with cremated remains.  Some people decide to bury the ashes, others choose to scatter.  However, if you are interested in keeping cremation remains, then most people choose a cremation urn or jewelry pendants for cremation remains.

When it comes to searching for the best jewelry pendants for cremated remains, you will want something that is capable of everyday wear, and also looks great.

In this post, we show off our popular cremation jewelry options.

60+ Cremation Jewelry Options at Funeral Direct

Get free shipping on each of our cremation necklace options.  Receive a funnel kit free with your purchase.  Each necklace holds .25 - 2 cubic inches of human or pet cremation remains.

Which one below do you like?

Different Materials for Cremation Jewelry

You will find that jewelry pendants for cremation remains come in different material options:
  • stainless steel
  • sterling silver
  • 14k solid gold

Each one of our stainless steel cremation jewelry pendants is made from surgical grade stainless steel.  The average price for these urn pendants is $25-$35.

Sterling silver cremation pendants will average between $50-$100.

Expect to pay $300+ for 14k gold urn pendants.

How to Fill Cremation Pendants

When you purchase one of our funeral jewelry pendants for cremation remains you will receive the urn pendant, chain, and also a small funnel.

Filling cremation jewelry is easy.
  1. unscrew the lid on the necklace using a coin
  2. use the funnel to help pour the ashes inside the pendant
  3. apply an adhesive like crazy glue to the enclosure
  4. screw the enclosure back on the cremation pendant

Other Memorial Options Available

If wearing your loved one's ashes does not appeal to you, and you do not want to keep them in a cremation urn.  Would you feel comfortable wearing their fingerprint?

With our sterling silver fingerprint jewelry collection, you can always keep your loved one's touch close.

Here are some of the popular options on our site!

Shop Funeral Direct for Cremation Jewelry

Finding high quality yet affordable cremation jewelry does not have to be hard.  You will find a bunch of pendants for cremation remains that you will not find anywhere else.

We pride ourselves on providing gifts that are just as unique as the person that passed away. Visit our homepage and browse our options!

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