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Beautiful Collections of Owl Cremation Jewelry

8 Beautiful Collections of Owl Cremation Jewelry to Hold Cremation Ashes

There's something majestic about owls.  These nocturnal birds of prey have stellar vision, fantastic hearing, and feathers so they can soar through the air silently.  They say owls symbolize wisdom.  Having cremation ashes within an owl cremation jewelry is like having the knowledge of your loved one around you. 

Below we have chosen our top 8 favorite owl cremation jewelry to keep your loved one close to your heart.  Each one of these pendants come with a funnel to place the cremation ashes inside.

8. Stainless Steel Owl Cremation Ashes Pendant

This owl cremation jewelry is the perfect memorial keepsake to give your friend or family member.  It is made from stainless steel and comes in multiple colors: Black, Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver.  Each owl cremation pendant features a 20" chain snake chain and a filling kit.

Owl Cremation Jewelry



7. Classic Owl Cremation Urn Pendant Necklace Pendant

Keep your loved one or friend close with this owl sitting on a branch.  This cremation urn is made from stainless steel.  

Owl Cremation Jewelry


6. Barn Owl Cremation Urn Pendant

With wide eyes, this barn owl is the perfect way to hold cremation remains

Owl Cremation Jewelry


5. Owl with Crystals

This owl design cremation necklace has crystal inlays to make it stand out from the crowd.

Owl Cremation Jewelry


4. Urn Keychain Crystal Owl Pendant

You are not into cremation necklaces; this owl pendant serves as a keychain

Owl Cremation Jewelry


3. Owl Pet Urn

Trendy in style, this small owl urn necklace is a discreet way to hold cremation remains.

Owl Cremation Jewelry 

2. Owl Cremation Urn Necklace

This unique owl cremation pendant features a tree design with the owl.

 Owl Cremation Jewelry

1. Glass Owl Cremation Necklace

Our favorite owl cremation pendant.  This glass owl cremation jewelry is designed with swirls of color.  The owl pendant has light blue crystals surrounding the eyes.  This cremation necklace comes in two colors: golden creme and blue swirl. 

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What did you think of this collection of owl cremation jewelry?  Our favorite is the glass owl cremation necklace.  It is beautiful colors, and design makes a beautiful place to store cremation ashes.

Didn't see anything you liked? Make sure to take a look at our other cremation jewelry options on our site!

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