How-To Find the Best Necklace Urns for Pet Ashes

15 Top Necklace Urns for Pet Ashes

Using necklace urns for pet ashes is one of the best ways to stay stylish while also remember someone who bought joy to your life.

Our pet urn jewelry collection features a wide range of unique styles and colors that fit with all tastes.

Each one of our pendants features is made from never tarnishing stainless steel.  Each pet urn pendant holds 2 cubic inches of your pet's cremation ashes.  They also feature a secure enclosure that ensures that your beloved pet's ashes remain inside forever!

Below are 15 of our best-selling pet cremation necklace.  Want to learn more about each one?  Simply click the title!

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15. Gold Vermeil Paw Print Cremation Jewelry

This big paw print urn pendant is a great way to hold a small amount of your pet's ashes!

14. Bone Heart Paw Dog Cremation Necklace

This pet urn pendant is the perfect place to hold the ashes of your beloved dog.

13. Cute Cat Cremation Necklace

This cat shaped urn pendant is the cute place to store the ashes of your favorite cat!

12. Gold Paw Print Heart Cremation Necklace

This pet urn necklace is in the shape of a heart, however, we also included a paw print at the center of it!

11. Pink Crystal Cat Cremation Necklace

One of our best selling cat cremation necklaces, this one is covered with shiny crystals!

10. Paw Print Fish Hook Urn Necklace

We combined a paw print with the popular fish hook pendant to create this beautiful pendant.

9. Double Paw Prints Pet Cremation Necklace

This cute pet jewelry pendant features two paw prints that hold a small amount of ashes.

8. Paw Star Pet Cremation Necklace

We place a paw print at the center of this star-shaped urn pendant.

7. Swirling Heart Pet Urn Necklace

At the center of this swirling heart is a paw print to remember your beloved pet by!

6. Sweet Angel Rabbit Urn Necklace

This rabbit urn pendant features angel wings and is the perfect place to hold a small amount of your pet's ashes.

5. Dog Bone Cremation Necklace

Our dog bone urn pendant pays extreme attention to detail.  With shiny rhinestones that lay in the center and a gold trim, this is a stunning pendant to hold a small amount of your dog's cremation ashes.

4. Sleeping Dog Cremation Necklace

Another popular dog urn pendant is this one that features a sleeping dog.

3. Sleeping Angel Cat Cremation Necklace

If you want a special pendant to hold your cat's ashes, then this one is perfect for the ashes of your favorite feline!

2. LOVE Pet Cremation Necklace

We recreated the popular LOVE sculpture into a small urn pendant that is ideal for your pet's ashes.

1. Dog and Angel Cremation Necklace

This urn pendant is ideal for your dog's ashes.  As you can see, it features an angel holding an angel dog!

Pet Cremation Beads

Bracelet beads are fashionable pieces of jewelry that are made to be worn on your wrist with a bracelet. If you are not a fan of any of our necklace urns for pet ashes, then what about placing them in our pet cremation beads!

Paw to Heaven Cremation Bead

Our paws to heaven cremation bead feature traveling paw prints across the bead.  It fits on all the same bracelets as Pandora beads

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