Nambe Cremation Jewelry Alternatives...Starting at $25

Nambe Cremation Jewelry for Humans and Pets

Nambe is recognized for their award-winning designs.  They have a commitment to timeless beauty and uncompromising quality in their collection jewelry options.  If you are reading this you are probably wondering about Nambe cremation jewelry options.  Unfortunately, they do not offer any urn jewelry.  However, here are some best selling cremation jewelry items that take inspiration from Name jewelry collection.

Beautiful Cremation Jewelry Options at Funeral Direct

Even though Nambe does not offer any cremation jewelry options, their take on quality and beauty is something we admire at Funeral Direct. What do you think about these cremation jewelry options below?

Benefits of Cremation Jewelry

The ashes we receive back after cremation, are the physical remains of our loved one.  Having ashes around us, makes us feel that our loved one is still apart of our daily lives.  With cremation jewelry, you can always keep them close, while still being fashionable. These discreet jewelry items are made to securely hold a small amount of ashes.

Different Types of Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is made in the form of:
  1. bracelets
  2. beads
  3. earrings
  4. necklaces
  5. rings
They are made out of many different materials, including:
  1. stainless steel
  2. sterling silver
  3. 14k gold
The price for cremation jewelry is determined by the material it is made out of.  However, some online provider have been known to charge way more than what the market call for. Stainless steel cremation jewelry costs $20-$40 Sterling silver cremation jewelry retails for $50-$100 14k gold cremation jewelry sells for $500+

Filling Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is very easy to fill with ashes.
  1. unscrew the cremation jewelry using a coin or a screwdriver
  2. using the funnel, begin to pour the cremains into the jewelry item
  3. add an adhesive like crazy glue around the screw
  4. screw the lid back on the cremation jewelry option

Shopping at Funeral Direct for Cremation Jewelry

Funeral Direct is the leading online retailer for unique cremation jewelry options.  We over high-quality memorial products that made to last through wear and tear. Your purchase of any of the cremation jewelry items we offer comes with:
  1. free shipping on all US orders
  2. a filling kit to help you place the ashes inside
  3. filling instructions

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