15 Unique Keepsake Necklaces for Ashes

15 Beautiful Keepsake Necklace for Ashes

How can you find the best keepsake necklace for ashes? Jewelry serves many purposes in fashion.  It can enhance the look of an outfit, or it can be the perfect way to display a message that you care about.  These reasons, along with the rise in cremation, are the reason why cremation jewelry has gained popularity over the years.

Cremation jewelry allows you to discreetly wear a small number of ashes of either your pet or loved one.  The keepsake necklace for ashes generally comes in many different styles and designs.  Each one securely holding the ashes inside.

In this post, we show you our 15 best selling jewelry urns for pet and human ashes.
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15. Football Cremation Necklace

This football keepsake necklace is ideal for all NFL or college football fans.

14. Boxing Cremation Necklace

The boxing glove keepsake necklace memorializes someone who either loved the sport or fought in it.  This urn pendant represents resilience with boxing being the ultimate sport teach self-discipline and courage.

13. Gold Angel Wing Urn Necklace

Our golden angel wing keepsake necklace is a beautiful urn pendant.  This keepsake necklace for ashes features a pendant modeled after an angel wing.  It pairs great with any outfit and is a nice complimentary piece with other jewelry.

12. Saxophone Urn Necklace

Part of our music lover's collection of urn pendants, The saxophone keepsake necklace for ashes is a highly detailed pendant for one of the most popular instruments.  If your loved one enjoyed playing or even listening to music, this is perfect for their ashes!

11. Dog and Angel Cremation Necklace

Our dog and Angel keepsake necklace is perfect for the ashes of mans best friend.  As you can see, it shows a sweet angel holding an even sweeter dog.  Perfect for your beloved good boy or girl!

10. High Heel Cremation Necklace

If you lost a special woman in your life who loved fashion, then our high heel urn pendant might be the perfect place to hold their ashes.

9. LOVE Pet Cremation Necklace

Inspired by the LOVE sculpture, our Pet LOVE keepsake necklace is a great place to hold the ashes of your cat, dog, or any other pet!

8. Two Tone Cross Cremation Necklace

Our Two Tone Cross keepsake has a beautiful blend of brush silver and gold.  You can also see small heart details engraved on the pendant.

7. Loving Dad Golden Heart Cremation Necklace

The Loving Dad Golden Heart keepsake necklace for ashes is a simple pendant for a special man in your life.  This urn pendant which features a heart with the word "Dad" engraved in the middle is perfect for grandpa or dad!

6. Little Guardian Angel Cremation Necklace

We all need a little guardian angel watching us to keep us safe.  This urn pendant is it.  Simple and cute.

5. Basketball Cremation Urn Necklace

Basketball is quickly becoming the most popular sport in the world.  Odds are that your loved one either loved to play or loved to watch.  Either of them would make this keepsake necklace perfect for someone's ashes.

4. Cancer Crab Cremation Necklace

People born urn the zodiac cancer are said to be caring and intuitive.   With our zodiac cancer crab keepsake pendant, you can remember the good times with your loved one.

3. Pot Leaf Cremation Necklace

Let's face it, marijuana has been given a bad rap over the years.  However, with recent study it has been found to ease the pain and even cure serious diseases that plague us.  Our pot leaf keepsake pendant is the perfect place to holds the ashes of someone who enjoyed the high times from time to time!

2. Music Note Cremation Necklace

If your loved one loved to sing, play music, or simply listened this beautiful pendant is perfect for them.

1. Thor's Hammer Cremation Urn Necklace

What can we say, the Avengers have risen to major popularity over the years.  This urn pendant and our best seller is inspired by Thor's Hammer. If you are a fan of the comics and movies, then you will know that Thor's mighty hammer will always come back to him when called.  This pendant seeks to always bring back good memories of your loved one!

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