This Tiny Pendant is the Best Selling Heart Urn Necklace for Ashes

A List of The Best Heart Urn Necklace for Ashes

The heart urn necklace for ashes is one of the most popular options for cremation jewelry.  Heart cremation jewelry, much like tradition heart jewelry is stylish and can enhance the look of every outfit.  The added benefit of having a heart urn pendant is that you can discreetly hold the ashes of your pet or a loved one.
Below we listed 13 of our best selling heart urn necklace pendants.
With your purchase of each one you get:
  1. a chain or keychain
  2. free funnel kit to help you put the ashes inside
  3. our tarnish free guarantee

Each one securely holds between 1-2 cubic inches of cremation ashes.
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13. Bone Heart Paw Dog Cremation Necklace

If you are looking for a heart urn necklace for your pet's ashes, then this one won't disappoint.  Coming in four beautiful finishing colors, this pet urn pendant is a little reminder of your beloved pet.

12. Butterfly on Heart Cremation Necklace

This urn pendant features a gold butterfly sitting on a silver heart.  With the added rhinestones on this cremation necklace, this is a very attractive urn pendant.

11. Crystal Bow Heart Cremation Necklace

Our bow heart urn necklace for ashes features shiny rhinestones.  This keepsake urn pendant is ideal for a small amount of ashes.

10. Double Dove Heart Urn Necklace

This heart cremation necklace features two doves.  Doves symbolize love and peace.  Wearing this pendant with your loved one's ashes is a reminder that they are to at peace.

9. Flat Heart Cremation Necklace

Our flat heart urn necklace for ashes if a stunning urn pendant.  Coming in brushed silver and shiny gold it will perfectly compliment your other jewelry.

8. Gold Paw Print Heart Cremation Necklace

Another option that is perfect to hold your pet's ashes, this urn necklace features a paw print in memory of your beloved pet.

7. Heart and Hummingbird Cremation Necklace

Simple in design.  This best seller and staff favorite features a delightful hummingbird sitting on a heart.

6. Graffiti Hearts Fish Hook Urn Necklace

One of our most artistic cremation jewelry pieces, this urn pendant features hearts a stylish designs.

5. Swirling Heart Pet Urn Necklace

With a paw print at the center and the swirling design transforming into a heart around it, this urn pendant is perfect for your pet's ashes.

4. Love Infinite Heart Urn Necklace

This heart urn necklace for ashes is inspired by the infinite love that we have for our family and friends.

3. Sacred Heart Urn Necklace

Another staff favorite, this heart cremation urn pendant features a heart along with a lock and key.

2. Sweet Music on Heart Cremation Necklace

Features a music note that transforms into a heart, this urn pendant is ideal for the ashes of someone who loved music.

1. Loving Dad Golden Heart Cremation Necklace

If you are looking for a heart urn necklace to hold your father's ashes, nothing gets better than this.


Shop Funeral Direct for Your Heart Urn Necklace for Ashes

When looking for cremation jewelry, you want to find one that looks great on you but also represents the person or pet you are buying it for.
Worn by itself or with other jewelry, our heart urn necklaces for ashes are stylish and allow you to always keep a personal memorial of your loved one around.
Click here to learn more about any of these necklaces, and to see the rest of our heart urn jewelry collection!
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