Cremation Necklace Review: The Fish Hook Urn Necklace

Shopping for the Best Fish Hook Urn Necklace for Ashes

Although it is mainly used as a device that makes it easier to catch fish, the fish hook has special symbolism among many cultures.  The fish hook represents strength, good luck, and safe travels across the water.  It is the ideal pendant to wear in memory of a loved one who spent time fishing or on the ocean.  In this post, we review four of our best-selling fish hook urn necklace for ashes.

Fish Hook Cremation Jewelry

  • purchase includes funnel kit and chain
  • pendants hold 2 cubic inches of ashes
  • free shipping! (you can check out securely from this page)

4. Classic Fish Hook Urn Pendant

Here is our classic fish hook urn pendant.

3. Graffiti Hearts Fish Hook Urn Pendant

This urn pendant features an attractive graffiti design and a heart at the hook.

2. Paw Print Fish Hook Urn Pendant

We can not forget our pets.  This paw print fish hook pendant is the perfect memorial for your beloved pet.  This urn pendant is available in 3 beautiful finishing colors!

1. Skull Face Fish Hook Urn Pendant

We combined the classic fish hook cremation urn pendant with a skull urn pendant.

Shop at Funeral Direct for Luxury Fish Hook Urn Necklace

Each one of the cremation pendants above is made from stainless steel.  With care, these cremation necklaces will last forever!  Our pendants hold 2 cubic inches of cremation ashes.

At Funeral Direct, our goal is to make your loved one's memory matter.  We have the perfect memorial gifts to remember your loved one or pet.

Like the options above?  Make sure to visit our homepage to see all of our amazing cremation necklaces.

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