Our Cute Dumbo Elephant Urn Necklace

The Elephant Urn Necklace

Elephants are the largest land animals that we have on Earth.  However, despite their large stature, they are often looked at as cuddly animals.  When it comes to popular animal pendants that hold cremation ashes, the elephant urn necklace stands at the top as the most purchased.
Our elephant urn necklace features a very cute elephant as the pendant.  You have your choice of colors:
  • silver
  • black
  • gold
  • rose gold
This pendant holds around 2 cubic inches of ashes securely inside.  Like most of our urn pendants, it is made from surgical grade stainless steel. The back of this necklace is engravable.  Feel free to take this pendant to a jewelry to engrave initials or meaningful messages on the back. Filling this cremation necklace is very simple.  We include a filling kit with every purchase along with instructions. A standard 20-inch chain is included with your purchase.

Top 13 Cremation Necklaces with Animal Pendants

In addition to our popular elephant cremation necklace, here are our other best-selling cremation necklaces with animals as pendants.

Cancer Crab Cremation Necklace

For those born underneath the cancer zodiac sign.

Heart and Hummingbird Cremation Necklace

Cute pendant featuring a hummingbird landing on a heart.

Starfish Urn Necklace

Starfish symbolize guidance, inspiration, and intuition.

Floral Crystal Butterfly Cremation Urn Necklace

Classic butterfly with a twist in colors.

Butterfly on Heart Cremation Necklace

Unique urn pendant featuring a small butterfly on a big heart.

Crystal Turtle Cremation Necklace

Bright colors with a shiny design.

Birthstone Hummingbird Cremation Necklace

Classic hummingbird urn necklace, but we will handstamp your loved one's initial and add their birthstone.

Sea Turtle Cremation Necklace

Effortless and graceful creatures.

Capricorn Cremation Necklace

Perfect for someone born under the sign.

Crystal Lizard Urn Necklace

Unique pendant for someone who was adventurous.

Sweet Angel Rabbit Urn Necklace

A cute angelic rabbit coming in multiple colors.

Pink Crystal Cat Cremation Necklace

Shiny take on our cat cremation necklaces

Little Hummingbird Cremation Necklace

A little hummingbird flying from flower to flower.

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If you are looking for unique cremation jewelry, like our elephant urn necklace make sure you check out our collection of unique cremation necklaces.

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