Families Are Loving These Dragon Cremation Jewelry Pendants!

3 Popular Dragon Cremation Jewelry Pendants!

Dragons!  These mythical, magical scaled horned beasts both frighten and thrill us.  While a small group of people believes that they may have once existed, most of us are contempt with their place in our movies, books, and imagination.  Because of what dragons symbolize, dragon cremation jewelry is a popular option for many families.

Dragons are said to bring strength and good fortune.  Combining this symbol with your loved one's ashes is a powerful reminder of guidance.

Below you will find our three best selling dragon cremation jewelry options.  Each one is available on our retail site: FuneralDirect.shop

3. Mythical Dragon Cremation Necklace

This dragon urn necklace features a mythical dragon as the urn pendant. Coming in four different finishing colors, this urn pendant will hold 2 cubic inches of cremation ashes.  It is made from 316L stainless steel and will never tarnish with normal wear and tear.  We have added a very secure enclosure on this pendant.  We ensure that the ashes will remain inside forever. With your purchase you will receive:
  • a funnel kit to help you put the ashes in the pendant
  • either a 20in chain or a keychain to hold the dragon urn pendant.
Learn more about this pendant here or click the button below to purchase!

2. Dragon Bullet Urn Necklace

We have combined the popular bullet cremation urn pendant with an image of a dragon.  This small urn pendant for ashes will hold 2 cubic inches of your loved one's cremation ashes.

Made from stainless steel, you will be able to wear this pendant every day and not worry about tarnishing.  A funnel kit will be included with your purchase.  Choose between receiving a standard 20in chain or a keychain with our dragon bullet urn necklace.

Click here to learn more about this urn pendant or press "buy now" below to purchase right from this page!

1. Skeleton Dragon Cremation Necklace

This is our most popular dragon cremation jewelry pendant.  It takes inspiration from a powerful skeleton dragon.  Brushed stainless steel makes this a safe and durable necklace.  Our secure enclosure will keep the 2 cubic inches of ashes inside this pendant until you choose to open it.

Pick between a standard 20in necklace or a keychain with your purchase and receive a funnel kit.

You can purchase this urn pendant by clicking the link below,  to learn more about this pendant click here!


*Bonus* Bearded Dragon Urn

While not technically qualifying as dragon cremation jewelry, we have decided to include one of our dragon urns for ashes.  This dragon keepsake urn is perfect for a small amount of your pet's ashes. As you can see, it included an image of a bearded dragon, while is one of the most popular small reptile pets to own.

Shop Funeral Direct for Dragon Cremation Jewelry

When you are purchasing a cremation pendant or an urn for ashes, you want to get one that represents the person that you lost.

You will find the most unique cremation necklaces and urns at Funeral Direct.  With free shipping in the US, we guarantee you will find the best and most affordable keepsake to remember your loved one.
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