A Guide to Buying Dad Cremation Necklaces

Top 21 Dad Cremation Necklaces for Ashes Review

How do you find the perfect urn necklace for dad ashes?  Well, you want to choose a pendant that represents his interests.  The best cremation jewelry that you can buy should not only be stylish and discreet, but it should always be a reminder of who the person was.  Below are our best selling loving dad cremation necklaces.  Each urn pendant represents a hobby that your father may have loved to do!
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Dad Cremation Necklaces Features & Specs

Funeral Direct has been helping families find the best cremation jewelry for years.  Here's what you should know about our cremation pendants if you are buying for your dad!
  • Our urn pendants hold 2-3 cubic inches of ashes
  • each one has a secure enclosure that guarantees ashes remain inside
  • our pendants come in hypoallergenic stainless steel, sterling silver, and 14k gold
  • funnel kit and instructions included with your purchase
  • free shipping on US orders

21. Saxophone Urn Necklace

This mini saxophone urn pendant is perfect for your dad's ashes if he was a musician.

20. Pot Leaf Cremation Necklace

Marijuana is being legalized in many places, however, if you ask an avid smoker it should have always been legal.

19. Eagle and Motorcycle Cremation Necklace

One of our staff favorite for dad cremation necklaces, this urn pendant features a motorcycle within a strong eagle.

18. Hunting Knife Cremation Necklace

If your father enjoyed hunting then this urn pendant is perfect for his ashes.

17. Guitar Pick Cremation Necklace

Another staff favorite.  If your dad or grandpa loved to play the guitar, then memorializing him in a guitar pick is perfect.

16. Little Guardian Angel Cremation Necklace

This cute little pendant is a reminder that your dad will be watching over you forever.

15. Baseball Cremation Necklace

Known as America's past time, there are still those who love to be at the ball game!

14. Sport Motorcycle Cremation Necklace

This motorcycle cremation necklace is perfect memory if your dad enjoyed taking his bike on the road.

13. Round Basketball Cremation Necklace

This basketball pendant holds a small amount of ashes of your loved one.

12. Handyman Wrench Cremation Necklace

Beautiful urn pendant for someone who loved to fix this around the home.

11. Trumpet Cremation Necklace

Another favorite among our musical pendant cremation necklaces, this urn pendant have great detail and design.

10. Beach Volleyball Cremation Necklace

Fun in the sun.  Our beach volleyball urn pendant allows you to remember the days when you would play volleyball on the beach with your dad.

9. Fish Hook Urn Necklace

Our fish hook urn necklace is perfect if your dad enjoyed fishing.

8. Perfect Harmony Cross Cremation Necklace

This beautiful cross urn pendant is a great way to display your faith.

7. Boxing Cremation Necklace

Known as the sweet science.  Boxing is the ultimate sport of will over the competition.

6. Superman Cremation Necklace

Our popular superman cremation necklace is perfect to hold the ashes of your superhero dad!

5. Football Cremation Necklace

America's most popular sport!

4. Thor's Hammer Cremation Urn Necklace

Modeled after Thor's mighty hammer, this pendant is a reminder that memory of your dad will always make its way back to you.

3. Basketball Hoop Cremation Urn Necklace

Staff favorite.

2. Eternally Loved Dad Cremation Urn Necklace

Our flask urn pendant is a fashionable way to hold your dad's ashes.

1. Loving Dad Golden Heart Cremation Necklace

Our loving dad cremation necklace features a small golden heart pendant with the words "dad" engraved

Find the Best Memorial Gift in Our Dad Cremation Necklaces Collection

We know that finding the best cremation jewelry for your dad's ashes is important.  If you didn't find any pendants in this list that remind you of him, make sure to shop our entire collection of cremation necklaces.  And don't forget to enter code "Beautiful" at checkout to get 20% off your purchase!
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