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Cross Urn Pendant Necklace Review

Cremation necklaces are beautiful pendants that allow you to be fashionable while keeping the memory of your loved one close.  They come in dozens of unique options just like regular jewelry pendants.  In this post, we review some of our best selling cross urn pendant necklaces. Which one is your favorite?

8) Angel's Cross 14K Gold Cremation Pendant

Graceful angel wings are shown off on this pendant.

7) Two Tone Cremation Cross Necklace

Beautiful gold and silver mesh perfectly on this cross urn pendant.

6) Mother Mary 14K Gold Cross Cremation Pendant

Classic mother mary cremation urn pendant.

5) 14K Heart In a Cross Gold Cremation Pendant

A heart is in the cross on this necklace

4) Calming Waves Cremation Cross Necklace

The crisp wave detail on this cross urn pendant makes it stand out.

3) Silver and Gold Cremation Cross Necklace

A perfect blend of silver and gold with crystals down the middle.

2) Heart on a Cross 14K Gold Cremation Pendant

Featuring a heart on a cross.

1) Cross and Paw Print Cremation Necklace

This cross urn pendant is perfect to hold your pet's ashes.

Shopping for the Perfect Cross Urn Pendant at Funeral Direct

Our cremation urn pendants fit between .25-2 cubic inches of ashes inside.  Each one has a secure enclosure to ensure that the pendant does not open accidentally while you are wearing it. The cross urn pendants you see above come in either stainless steel or 14k gold.  Each one is suitable to wear multiple times and will last a long time with care. While you may not want to wear your pendant around your neck, some customers have opted to wear it on a keychain or have these pendants placed in their cars or on stuffed animals. Which one of these cremation pendants do you like?  Make sure to visit our homepage to see all of our options and shipping rates!

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