Reviewing Our Best Selling Cremation Jewelry Silver Pendants

Cremation Jewelry Silver Finishing Review

Cremation jewelry is just as unique as the person that passed away.  You will find many pendants and charms featuring the hobbies or interests that you loved one like to do.  In this post, we highlight 15 of our best selling cremation jewelry silver finishing.  Although this post focuses on silver cremation necklaces, we also have many options for those who want:
  • cremation beads and bracelets
  • urn  earrings
  • cremation cufflinks
  • urn rings

15 Best Selling Silver Cremation Jewelry at Funeral Direct

Below you will find 15 urn pendants that families love.  Not sure what cremation jewelry you want to hold your loved ones or pet's ashes?  Explore all of our cremation jewelry options! Each pendant comes with a filling kit to help you place the ashes inside easily and with a keychain or necklace.

15. Perfect Harmony Cremation Cross Pendant

A favorite among our cremation cross necklaces, this urn pendant features a black and silver cross urn pendant with a golden ring.

14. Palm Tree Urn Pendant

Palm trees represent the Garden of Paradise, wisdom, goodness, and in some religions the symbol of God.  With symbolism like that, this is the perfect place to hold a small amount of your loved one's cremation ashes.

13. Music Note Urn Pendant

One of the two most popular pendants from our eternal musical lover's collection, this urn pendant is in the shape of a musical note.  It also has shiny crystals embedded.

12. Saxophone Urn Pendant

A staff favorite, the saxophone is widely regarded as the world's sexiest instrument.  If your loved one played or enjoyed the smooth sounds of the sax then is the perfect memorial jewelry for them.

11. High Heel Urn Pendant

Our cremation jewelry silver high heel is inspired by all the fashionistas of the world.  This small urn pendant is ideal to hold the ashes of anyone in your life that took pride in their appearance!

10. Pot Leaf Cremation Pendant

With widespread belief that weed has benefits that can help our lives, we thought it was fitting to create a pendant for those who indulged in this special plant.

9. Polar Express Cremation Pendant

Inspired by the famous book and film, our polar express urn pendant is aimed at someone who loves the holiday season.

8. Superman Cremation Pendant

This superman cremation pendant is a sterling silver necklace to hold ashes of your loved one.  Taking direct inspiration from the man of steel himself.

7. Peaceful Moon Urn Pendant

The moon brings calming nature.  We all have a sense of wonder staring at that rock in the sky.

6. Basketball Cremation Urn Pendant

As America's second favorite sport, basketball is one of the ultimate team games.  Relying on you to trust those around you to do their job.

5. Elephant Urn Pendant

The biggest land creature has the most gentle heart.  This small urn pendant is perfect for someone who was generous!
4. Football Cremation Pendant
As America's favorite sport, football has a sense of community.  Whether you are rooting for the same team or against another, this urn pendant is sure to bring out fond times of a loved one who enjoyed the sport!
3. Handyman Wrench Cremation Pendant
We all have someone close to us that is a handyperson.  This cremation jewelry silver wrench pays respect to them for that!


2. Infinity Urn Pendant

This beautiful small urn pendant is truly a sight to see.  It has an elegant twisting design with small crystals at the center.  

1. Thor's Hammer Cremation Urn Pendant

What can we say about "The strongest Avenger".  Thor has a special hammer that always comes back to him when called.  Let this urn pendant be that special reminder that your loved one is always close to your heart.

Shop for Cremation Jewelry at Funeral Direct

Cremation jewelry are special pieces of jewelry that aim to enhance personal style while also serving as a reminder of the person you lost. At Funeral Direct we have a huge selection of cremation jewelry, from necklaces to earrings for you to choose from. Check out all we have to offer, at Funeral Direct, our goal is to make your loved one's memory matter! 

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