Our 21 Most Popular Cremation Jewelry for Grandma's Ashes

21 Cremation Jewelry Grandma Ashes

What makes for the perfect cremation jewelry for your grandma's ashes?  Choosing one that represents what she loved to do.  Our collection of cremation jewelry grandma brings together some of the most popular hobbies and interests. Cremation jewelry is beautiful stunning pieces of jewelry that have a discreet enclosure to hold a 2 cubic inches of cremation ashes. Below are some of our most popular urn pendants for your grandma's ashes.

21. Angel Wings Cross Cremation Necklace

This urn pendant features a cross cremation pendant blending perfectly with angelic wings.  

20. Beach Sandal Cremation Necklace

If your grandma love to spend time on cruises, then our beach sandal urn pendant is a great way to hold her ashes.

19. Beach Volleyball Cremation Necklace

A great sport to play on a warm summers day.

18. Butterfly on Heart Cremation Necklace

This beautiful urn pendant is a stylish way to hold the ashes of your grandma.

17. Cancer Crab Cremation Necklace

Our zodiac cancer crab urn pendant is the perfect way to memorialize the ashes of someone that was born under the sign.

16. Crescent Moon Urn Necklace

Crescent moons represent motherhood.  A perfect reminder of your grandma's care.

15. Crystal Bow Heart Cremation Necklace

This crystal bow urn pendant comes in three different colors of your choosing.

14. Crystal Turtle Cremation Necklace

This cute turtle urn pendant offers a small refuge for your grandma's ashes.

13. Fairy Angel Cremation Necklace

This small urn pendant features a fairy angel to hold your grandma's ashes.

12. Gold Angel Wing Urn Necklace

A popular urn pendant inspired by the wings of an angel.

11. Guiding Angel Cremation Necklace

Another popular design, this urn pendant features a tiny angel to watch over you.

10. High Heel Cremation Necklace

Inspired by lovers of fashion.  

9. Infinity Urn Necklace

A staff favorite and bestseller, this urn pendant blends perfectly with other jewelry you may have.  

8. Little Guardian Angel Cremation Necklace

This small urn pendant features a little guardian angel to watch your back.  

7. Mini Star Cremation Necklace

For those whose grandma was the star in their lives.

6. Music Note Cremation Necklace

This beautiful urn pendant features shiny crystals along with an attractive design.

5. Peaceful Moon Urn Necklace

A staff favorite here at Funeral Direct.

4. Sacred Heart Urn Necklace

This popular heart urn pendant features a unique design with a lock and key.

3. Round Turtle Cremation Necklace

This cute urn pendant features a small sea turtle design.

2. Palm Tree Cremation Necklace

Who does not like palm trees?  

1. Starfish Urn Necklace

Starfish are seen by many as celestial symbols and represent infinite divine love, guidance, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance, and intuition.

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