Reviewing of Best Selling Cremation Jewelry Cross Necklaces

Cremation Jewelry Cross Necklaces Review

Cremation jewelry is special because it allows you to hold a trace amount of cremation ashes of your loved one or pet inside a necklace.  Each one of our cremation jewelry options comes with a secure enclosure that will always keep the ashes inside, wear our jewelry like you would with any other jewelry item.  In this post, we highlight our 10 best selling cremation jewelry cross necklaces.  Which one of these would look great on you?

10 Best Selling Cremation Jewelry Cross Necklaces at Funeral Direct

Cross cremation necklaces are some of the most popular cremation jewelry that one can buy.  These urn pendants uniquely feature beautiful crosses, while also having a discreet compartment inside to hold up to 2 cubic inches of cremation ashes.  We include a special ash filling kit that consists of a funnel and opening device to help you easily pour the ashes inside our jewelry. These cremation necklaces blend perfectly with all of your other jewelry, as we offer finishing colors in gold, silver, black, and rose gold on some pendants. 10. Angel Wings Cross Cremation Necklace Our angel wing cross cremation necklace features a blend of a cross with detailed angel wings.  This small pendant serves as the perfect memorial for your loved one.

9. Mother Mary 14K Gold Cross Cremation Pendant

This urn pendant is made out of 14k gold and features Mother Mary on a golden cross.

8. Calming Waves Cremation Cross Necklace

A staff favorite, our calming waves urn pendant features a distinct wave pattern on the side of the necklace.

7. Cross and Paw Print Cremation Necklace

This pendant is great for holding your pet's ashes or even a small amount of their hair.

6. Crystal Drape Cremation Cross Necklace

We designed this cross urn pendant with a drape across it to make it stand out.

5. Jesus Cross Cremation Necklace

Our Jesus cross urn necklace features the traditional Jesus on the cross design.

4. Angel's Cross 14K Gold Cremation Pendant

Another one of our 14k cremation jewelry cross necklace collection, this urn pendant features angel wings draped across this golden cross.

3. Perfect Harmony Cross Cremation Necklace

Another staff favorite, this unique urn pendant comes with a ring across it.

2. Silver and Gold Cremation Cross Necklace

We designed our silver and gold cremation cross necklace with perfect symmetry with shiny crystals aligned down the middle.

1. Two Tone Cross Cremation Necklace

This cremation jewelry cross necklace features hearts and other unique design elements in brushed silver and golden colorway.

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