Tips On How To Find The Best Cat Urn Necklace

How To Find the Purrfect Cat Urn Necklace

Cat owners understand that gaining the affection of a cat can be a difficult task.  Often independent and off to themselves, cat's are not as openly friendly as a dog.  However, once you do gain their trust and affection, the bond between you and your cat is one of the strongest human to animal bonds.

If you are reading this post you have probably lost your pet cat (or know someone who has) and are looking for the perfect place to memorialize them.  If the cat was cremated, there are a bunch of places you can store the ashes, however, placing inside a cat urn necklace offers the unique ability to stylishly carry the memory of your late cat with you.

Below are 8 of our best selling cat cremation pendants.  Each one holds between 2-3 cubic inches of ashes, and features a secure enclosure that keeps the ashes inside forever!

Which cat urn necklace do you love?

8. Cute Cat Cremation Pendant

What's cuter than the face of your beloved cat?  This cat urn necklace pendant is designed in the shape of your pet feline.  Our cute cat urn pendant comes with your choice of 4 different finishing colors.  You can also choose to receive this urn pendant as a necklace or a keychain.

7. Pink Crystal Cat Cremation Pendant

Remember how your cat would sit on the tallest furniture in the room as if they were surveying their kingdom?  Our crystal cat pendant is inspired by our cat's need to be the highest in the room.  This urn pendant features tiny crystals throughout the pendant, making it perfect to style with any outfit.

6. Sleeping Angel Cat Cremation Pendant

This cat urn necklace is inspired by our cat's cat nap.  They would take them wherever they felt most comfortable.  The angel wings on this pendant are an even added detail for our sleeping angel cat!

5. Silver Cat Cremation Pendant

Our silver cat urn pendant is in the shape of your cat's silhouette.  This small cremation necklace has just enough room to engrave a short meaningful message.

4. Colorful Cat Cremation Pendant

Besides Garfield, Hello Kitty might be the most popular animated cat.  We took inspiration from that with this colorful urn pendant.

3. Everlasting Love Cat Cremation Pendant

This small heart-shaped cat cremation urn pendant is a simple way to display the memory of your cat.

2. Playful Cat Cremation Pendant

Remember when you would wiggle a piece of string around your cat?  This cat urn necklace is inspired by our cat's playful nature.  This small cat urn pendant features a cat in a world of play!

1. Sitting Cat Cremation Pendant

Our sitting cat cremation pendant can be seen sitting on a crescent moon.  However, you might remember your cat sitting on your refrigerator or dressers.

*Bonus* Curious Cat Cremation Necklace

Our curious cat cremation necklace features a cat playing in a bag of catnip.  A cute reminder of when you may have accidentally spilled too much catnip for your cat.

Shop for the Purrfect Cat Urn Necklace at Funeral Direct

You will find these and many other pet cremation necklaces and memorial gifts on our retail site.

Our goal is to make your pet's memory matter.  And with our selection of urns and jewelry, we are sure you will find the best memorial gift for your cat's memory

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