This Anchor Cremation Necklace Keep You Safe During Long Journeys...

Anchor Cremation Necklace: A Symbolism of Stability

An anchor symbolizes many things.  But for those looking to wear it as jewelry, it represents stability and strength.  Using an anchor cremation necklace to hold the cremation ashes of someone you love shows that their spirit is there to keep you safe during long journeys.

Below we listed popular options for anchor cremation necklaces.  With each one, you will receive a funnel kit so that you can easily put cremation ashes into the anchor pendants.

Cremation necklaces are unique necklaces that are capable of holding 
a small amount of cremation ashes or lock of hair. 
At we offer beautiful and handmade options
that can keep cremation ashes inside while you are wearing them!

To learn more about each of the anchor cremation necklace click the images below!


Love Anchor Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry

This anchor cremation necklace has rhinestones places throughout the front.  This offers a bit of shine to the anchor.  

anchor cremation necklace


Boat Anchor Urn Ash Pendant

Without a rope an anchor is useless.  This ash pendant has a rope wrapped around the anchor keeping you at bay

anchor cremation necklace


Anchor Bullet Cremation Jewelry

This bullet holds cremation ashes and has an anchor on it.

anchor cremation necklace


Anchor Cremation Urns Pendant Necklace

One of the simplest designs here, this cremation is perfect to hold the ashes of your loved one.

anchor cremation necklace

Anchor Gunmetal Bullet Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry

Another bullet designed cremation pendant.  This one is in gold and black.

anchor cremation necklace


Sea Cylinder

Simple in design, this gold cylinder is capable of holding a small amount of cremation ashes.

anchor cremation necklace


Navy Ship Anchor Cremation Urn Necklace

Featured in rose gold, this is another version of the anchor cremation pendant.

anchor cremation necklace


Ship Anchor Charm Cylinder Memorial Urn Necklace

A basic cylinder holder with an anchor charm

anchor cremation necklace


Gold Anchor Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry

Another version of the anchor pendant, but this time in yellow gold.

anchor cremation necklace


Military Infantry Cylinder Stainless Steel Cremation Memorial Jewelry

Although similar to the options above and below, this necklace stands out with its black chain.

anchor cremation necklace

"Ship Wheel Sailor"

Taking a break from the anchors, this cremation urn necklace has a ships wheel to hold the ashes.

anchor cremation necklace


Other Achor Cremation Jewelry


Anchor Leather Bracelet Cremation Jewelry

If you are not a fan of wearing the ashes, you can keep them on your keychain.

anchor cremation necklace


Anchor Leather Bracelet Cremation Jewelry

This bracelet features an anchor pendant that can discreetly hold cremation ashes.

anchor cremation necklace

Blue Anchor Cremation Urn

Place the full amount of human or pet ashes inside this anchor cremation urn.

anchor cremation necklace



Bronze Compass Rose Cremation Ashes Urn Pendant

We know this is not an anchor cremation necklace.  It is a compass and is perfect to hold the cremation ashes of someone that guided you through life.

anchor cremation necklace


Keepsake Anchor Pendant Key Chain Memorial Stamped Charm Locket

This keychain has an anchor to hold cremation ashes and the birthstone of the person who passed.

anchor cremation necklace


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