The Beauty of Wearing a Signature Necklace of a Loved One's Handwriting

The Beauty of Wearing a Signature Necklace of a Loved One's Handwriting

There is a simplistic beauty to wearing jewelry that was handed down in your family.  The easiest way to explain it is that you feel connected to that small piece of metal because it was worn by your parents and your parent's parents.  Unfortunately, we all do not receive hand me down jewelry that we can look at and instantly think of our parents or grandparents.  So how can we wear something unique and stylish, while still capturing the essence of the people we love?  One way that is becoming more popular is signature jewelry.  Wearing a signature necklace of a loved one's handwriting shows your love for that person and how they impacted your life.  It can be more meaningful than jewelry passed down because you are literally wearing the words of someone you love. 

At Funeral Direct we have some of the most beautiful pieces of signature jewelry.  We carry necklaces, bracelets, and rings for men and women.  Our signature jewelry also comes in rose gold, gold, and silver. 

Below is the process of making a signature necklace of a loved one's handwriting. 

Turn a Signature Into Jewelry

Turning a signature into jewelry is pretty simple.  We use any type of document that has handwriting on it.

This can be an older birthday, Christmas, graduation, or valentines day card.  It can be from a note or love letter.  Also, it can be in any language.

Shopping for Signature Necklace of a Loved One's Handwriting

Most people shop for signature necklaces to carry a message of their deceased family or friend.  But signature necklaces make for the perfect gift for any occasion, not just funerals.  Here are some occasions that our customers have purchased our signature necklaces:

  • Birthday's
  • Christmas gift
  • Mother's day
  • Father's day
  • National Friendship day
  • Sympathy gift
  • Memorial jewelry
  • Valentines gift
  • Graduation present

We have a large selection of signature memorial jewelry.  Below are the popular ones that our customers have bought.  Simply click "view product" to find out more and to purchase!

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