Fingerprint Rings Cheap In Price but High Quality Design

Fingerprint Rings Cheap but High-Quality Design

Our hands might be the most used and most looked at part of our body.  We use them to type on keyboards, make phone calls, shake and hold hands, draw and many other things.  Because we use our hands so much, where is a better place to wear something that is a reminder of someone we love?  At Funeral Direct we have some of the beautiful fingerprint rings cheap but are handmade with high-quality design.

They feature the fingerprint of the person you love engraved on the ring, with most options allowing you to have wording engraved on the inside.  

Below is the process of making a fingerprint ring. 

How To Get a Fingerprint Image for Someone Who Passed Away

Making a fingerprint ring is pretty simple.  The most important thing is getting the fingerprint. 

For someone who has passed away: Most funeral homes take fingerprints.  You can ask them for a print.
Military: All soldiers have their fingerprints taken –ask the military office where they are registered with.
Babies: Hospitals footprints or handprints as means of identification.  Some send you home with a print-out of it. Check with the hospital to see they keep records.

How To Get An Image of Your Own Fingerprint

If you want to use your own fingerprint in the ring, you can follow these steps.

Shopping for Fingerprint Rings

Most people shop for fingerprint rings so they can memorialize their deceased loved one.  But fingerprint rings make for the perfect gift for any occasion, not just funerals.  Here are some occasions that our customers have purchased our fingerprint rings:

  • Birthday's
  • Christmas gift
  • Mother's day
  • Father's day
  • National Friendship day
  • Sympathy gift
  • Memorial jewelry
  • Valentines gift
  • Wedding Gift

We have a large selection of fingerprint rings.  Below are the popular ones that our customers have bought.  Simply click "view product" to find out more and to purchase!


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