Choosing The Perfect Boyfriend Name Necklace For Anniversaries, Birthdays, & Other Special Events!

The Perfect Boyfriend Name Necklace for Him & You!

Love is in the air, and if you are here, you are looking to purchase the perfect boyfriend name necklace as a gift for him, or for you.

First off, if you are buying it for him, he will love it!  As you will see throughout this post, we have a gorgeous selection of name necklaces that perfect for you and your boyfriend!

Name necklaces have been worn by people for years.  Because of the way they are designed, they perfectly show off your name or the name of someone you care deeply about.

Now, before you purchase we want you to be aware that all name necklaces are not the same.  Most retailers ask you for the name and give you a limited amount of fonts to pick.  They then sell you a generic necklace.

We take a more personal touch when designing your name necklace.

Every single necklace you see here is skillfully hand designed using y our handwriting!

Before we dive deeper into how we do that, here are some of our products to give you an idea of what we mean.

Boyfriend Name Necklace

Boyfriend Name Necklace

This Is How Our Name Necklaces Are Made

No matter which boyfriend name necklace you choose here, they are all made by hand. 

As you see above and below, these necklaces use your or someone else's handwriting has the font.

Boyfriend Name Necklace

We take the handwriting images from

  • a letter or card
  • or even a picture of the writing that you just did

You give us the image of the name; we use that to create a unique perfect name necklace for you.


Boyfriend Name Necklace


These name necklace also come in different finishes:

  • Rose Gold
  • Gold
  • Silver

Each name necklace looks fantastic, and because they are made out of .925 sterling silver they will not tarnish!

Which Chain Length Will Fit My Boyfriend?

Below you can see our sizes.  Which is the best length for your boyfriend or yourself?

Boyfriend Name Necklace

Boyfriend Name Necklace

Boyfriend Name Necklace

How Can I Buy A Name Necklace Chain For My Boy Friend

These necklace chains look great, and with the added personal signature touch of your signature, he will love them!  We only showed a couple of pieces throughout this post.

Click here to shop all the gold name necklace collection or continue to scroll to see all of our options!



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