Keep Your Loved One's Touch Close with Our Beautiful Fingerprint Keepsake Jewelry

10 Fingerprint Keepsake Jewelry You'll Want to Wear

Because nothing is more unique than someone's fingerprint, fingerprint keepsake jewelry is a great way to keep the memory of someone you love close to forever.

These beautiful pieces of jewelry are engraved with the imprint of someone's fingerprint and blend in well with other types of jewelry pieces.

At Funeral Direct we offer a wide range of keepsake memorial jewelry.  Made from sterling silver, with multiple finishing colors our fingerprint jewelry is a beautiful way to remember someone.

Below you will find our different fingerprint keepsake jewelry pieces:
  1. rings
  2. necklaces
  3. bracelets

Fingerprint Keepsake Jewelry Rings

Adjustable Fingerprint Ring

Our adjustable fingerprint keepsake ring places your loved one's fingerprint on the top and offers free engraving on the inside.

Choose your closest size, but get the best fit by adjusting it yourself.

Dainty Custom Fingerprint Ring

Our dainty custom ring is our most popular fingerprint engraved ring.  This ring perfectly adds your loved one's fingerprint and for an additional cost a short engraving.

Engraved Face Fingerprint Ring

We place the fingerprint in a raised fashion with this ring.

Slim Adjustable Fingerprint Ring

Similar to our regular adjustable fingerprint ring, this version is a little slimmer.

Fingerprint Keepsake Necklaces

Dainty Thumbprint Necklace

Wear your love one's thumbprint with this beautiful necklace.  Place a short but sweet message on the back.

Double Heart Fingerprint Memorial Necklace

This fingerprint keepsake jewelry necklace comes with two heart-shaped pendants.  Perfect if you are buying to share with someone else.  We also have a single one.

Drop Bar Fingerprint Necklace with Handwriting

This drop bar pendant adds a special handwritten message along with a fingerprint for a special piece of jewelry.

Fingerprint & Handwriting Bar Necklace

For those who love the drop bar format but would rather have a horizontal bar.

Fingerprint Dog Tag Necklace

Our keepsake fingerprint dog tag necklace is a best seller among our male customers.

Oval Fingerprint Necklace

One of our staff's favorites, our oval keepsake fingerprint necklace is stunning.

Perfectly Round Disc Fingerprint Necklace

In a unique design, this keepsake fingerprint jewelry necklace places the fingerprint on display right in the middle of this pendant.

Rectangular Thumbprint Memorial Necklace

For those who want someone more unique than a circle shaped pendant.

Sideways Heart Fingerprint Necklace

This is the single heart version to the double heart above.

Teardrop Fingerprint Necklace

Another staff favorite, this tear-shaped pendant looks great and also allows you to select your loved one's birthstone.

Fingerprint Keepsake Bracelets

KeepsakeBar Bracelet with Fingerpint

Our most popular bracelet.  Stylish, beautiful, and elegant.

Expandable Fingerprint Bracelet with Charms

Wear multiple fingerprints from one to three people on this bracelet.

Shop for Fingerprint Keepsake Jewelry at Funeral Direct

Fingerprint memorial jewelry is the best keepsake that you can purchase.  Not only are these pendants stylish, but they also can function as a way to be close to your loved one.

If you are looking for a gift to give someone suffering a loss, or even something for yourself, you should consider fingerprint keepsake jewelry.

To view, all of our fingerprint keepsake jewelry visit our collection page here!

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