Keep Their Touch Close With Our Beautiful Fingerprint Heart Jewelry

Fingerprint Heart Jewelry a Memorable Way To Show Your Love

No two fingerprints are the same, and that's what makes our fingerprint heart jewelry a unique memorial item.

As one of the best selling memorial products we offer, fingerprint jewelry allows you to keep the touch of your loved one close to you at all time.

We offer two versions of the popular fingerprint heart jewelry:

Takeaways from this post

  1. Where can you find your deceased family or friends fingerprint
  2. How we make our fingerprint heart jewelry
  3. Important steps to remember when ordering any of our fingerprint options


fingerprint heart jewelry

fingerprint heart jewelry


Finding a Deceased Person's Fingerprint

Typically people do not have images of their family or friends fingerprints lying around, but lucky for you there is a way to easily get them.

Most hospitals, nursing, and funeral homes will take images of the deceased fingerprint. 

Your first step would be to call these places and ask if they have a fingerprint on file.

fingerprint heart jewelry

Making Our Fingerprint Heart Jewelry

Each fingerprint heart necklace is handmade to order out of sterling silver.  Because our fingerprint jewelry is not created until you order the lead time is 2 weeks from purchase (the wait is worth it).

We do not need to receive the original ink photos of the fingerprint, we are capable of using a picture of the fingerprint to create our beautiful fingerprint jewelry options.

After we engrave the fingerprint in the necklace, we can also inscribe some wording.  People generally put the name of the person whose fingerprint it is.

Our popular fingerprint heart necklace comes in three colors:

    1. silver
    2. yellow gold
    3. rose gold

As you can see we offer two version of the fingerprint heart necklace.

One allows you to get two pendants bundled together, the other is only a single pendant.

You quickly add each option to your cart from this page, but if you want to read more about this necklaces click here for the double heart, and here for the single heart.

Important Steps To Remember When Ordering Any of Our Fingerprint Jewelry

    1. If you do not have an image of the fingerprint at home, then call the funeral home or hospital where the person stayed and ask if they have proofs
    2. Once you obtain the fingerprint images then you can email us a copy after you complete your order.  
    3. Let us know in the order detail what name or saying you would like to be inscribed on the necklace.

fingerprint heart jewelry

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