Wood Pod Portrait Urn


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This wonderful to hold portrait urn is hand-turned and carved out of cottonwood and finished with clear shellac. The lid is pressure fit to the vessel.  Removing the glass and backing plate from the frame allows you to use the glass as a template to cut out a circular portrait - best done with an X-acto (protect the surface you're cutting on with thick cardboard or self-healing mat). The urn rests in a depression in a distressed and non-toxic oiled cedar base that is equally amazing to touch.  This unique two-part presentation allows you to position the pod urn frame for display in your home.

  • Made to order out of cottonwood (body) and cedar (base)
  • Please allow five weeks for production
  • Suitable for a loved one under 20 lbs.
  • Urn is approx. 6" x 7"
  • Base is approx 8" x 8"

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