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Golf Ball Cremation Urn
Golf Ball Cremation Urn


Golf Ball Cremation Urn


Golf Ball Cremation Urn

The golf ball cremation urn is one of our popular sports-themed urns for ashes.  If the person who you are purchasing this cremation urn for loved golf then it is perfect for them.  Sports urns are a popular choice among families because of the way sports define us.  Placing someone's cremated remains inside an urn made to look like their favorite sports highlights what brought them joy in the world.

As you walk down the fairway of life, you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.” – Ben Hogan

Who is our Golf ball Cremation Urn Perfect for?

The golf urn is perfect for someone who loved to spend their morning and afternoons on the back nine.  

Golf Ball Cremation Urn Features and Specs

The golf ball cremation urn is modeled after a golf ball sitting on a green field.  It is made out of aluminum and features a lid that is airtight.

Like most of our sports urn, the golf urn comes in 2 sizes (keepsake and full size)

  • Golf ball cremation urn
  • Ideal for the ashes of someone who loved to play the sport
  • 100% aluminum body with an airtight lid
  • 2 sizes (keepsake & full size)
  •  Keepsake holds 8 cubic inches of ashes
  • Fullsize holds 260 cubic inches of ashes
  • Fast Free Shipping!

Make Your Loved One's Memory Matter

At FuneralDirect we offer unique products that help to make your loved one's memory matter and last forever.

Our golf ball urn is perfect for that.  If the person that passed away enjoyed the sport then this cremation urn is for them!

Both our keepsake and full-size versions will look amazing in your home.

We offer fast free shipping.  If you order this item before 2 pm EST it will ship today!

Shop FuneralDirect and make your loved one's memory matter!

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    Golf Ball Cremation Urn

    Golf Ball Cremation Urn