Bonsai Urn : The Portable Bonsai Tree Cremation Urn


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Bonsai Urn

The Bonsai Urn is a patented growing system that uses the cremated remains of your loved one to grow a Bonsai tree in your home.  

Purchasing the Bonsai urn gives you the option of three colors:

  1. Beige
  2. Celedon
  3. White

Each urn measures 9" in diameter and 9" tall.

Along with the urn, you will have three Bonsai tree choices to select from.  The trees are 6- 10 years old and measure 12"-15" in height.  Your choices include:

  1. Braided Money
  2. Ficus Retusa
  3.  Willow Leaf

These bonsai trees are easy to take care of and are suited to grow indoors.  If you do choose to place the tree outside, make sure it is in mild climates above 50°F.

Shipping Process

Once you receive your urn, you will receive a voucher to choose the tree you like.  Pictures will be included when you make your choice.  We ship the tree after you receive the urn to ensure that you will have everything you need to grow the tree.


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