Cherry Wood Cradle Keepsake Urn


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You might not normally be inclined to keep an urn on display.  Knowing that you could because of the design, the craft, and the touch of it might change your thoughts on the matter.

While objects themselves can never heal a loss, they can act as conduits to time spent and love shared.  These are the touchpoints that a physical reminder of those we have lost can provide.

Our Cherry Wood Cradle Keepsake Urn is suitable for keeping a small portion of scattered ashes, dividing cremated remains among family members, the incredibly unfortunate loss of an infant, or for your small four-legged family members under 20 lbs. ( 9.07 kg).

The solid wood base looks fantastic in brushed aluminum that is waxed to protect from fingerprints.  The base is turned to fit the spun metal dome vessel and stainless steel, knurled fasteners create a closure that is reversible for scattering cremated remains.

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